Current Deposits

Current Account
Current account can be opened by

  1. Individual in his single name.
  2. Two or more individuals in their joint names with survivor clause like “Either or Survivor”/ “Any one or Survivor”/ jointly.
  3. Sole proprietorship concerns.
  4. Partnership firm.
  5. Private/Public sector companies.
  6. Religious/ Educational/Charitable Institutions.
  7. Trusts/ Executors/Administrators.
  8. Clubs/ Associations.
  9. Registered/ Un registered societies.
  10. Govt./ Semi Government Departments/Local Bodies.
  11. Cooperative Societies.
  12. Other institution on production of required and valid documents.

Additional Documents required for opening Current Account
In addition to account opening form, additional documents are required to be taken in certain types of deposit accounts. A list of such accounts and additional documents to be taken are given below for ready reference:

Type of Accounts

Additional Documents

1. Proprietary concern

a. Declaration of sole proprietorship

2. Partnership Firms

a. Partnership Letter/ Deed
b. A copy of partnership deed

3.Joint Hindu Families

Joint Hindu Family letter

4. Limited Companies

a. Certificate of Incorporation
b. Certificate of Commencement of business (Not required in case of private companies)
c. Memorandum and Articles of Association
d. Board’s resolution
e. Latest audited Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account (in case of a Public Limited Company)

5.Clubs, Schools, Societies (including Co-operatives), Associations, Committees etc.,

a. Certificate of registration or incorporation if registered)
c. A copy Bye-laws, Rules, Regulations etc., as the case may be
d. Memorandum of Association, if any
e. Resolution of Board of Directors/ Managing Committee.
f. Latest copy of the Balance Sheet in case of Co-operative Societies, if available

6. Trust

a. Instrument or Document of Trust or relevant extract thereof
b. Resolution
c. Certificate of Registration from Charity Commissioner (if trust is a Public Charitable Trust)

7. Executors and Administrators

Probate or Succession Certificate or Letters of Administration or Administrator General’s Certificate

8. Provident Funds

a. Trust Deed
b. Rules of the Provident Fund
c. Resolution

9. State Financial Corporations

a. Relevant copy of Act or Legislation
b. Bye-laws, if any
c. Resolution

10.Guardians appointed by Court in respect of Minors

Court order or Guardianship Certificate



Customer who does not maintain a Minimum Balance Rs5000.00

 Rs 250.00 per Month+ service Charges Charges will be debited every month.

Current Bank Account

Rs. 2.50 per leaf No Free cheque book

Account closed before 6 Months

Firm and Companies

Rs. 500 +Service Tax

Interest / Balance Certificate
First Copy


Subsequent Copies

Rs50.00 Per Copy

 RTGS/ NEFT  Charges

Upto Rs.1 Lac.

Not exceeding Rs25.00 per transaction + Service Tax

Above  Rs.1 Lac.

Not exceeding Rs50.00 per transaction + Service Tax


Upto Rs. 5 Lacs.

Not exceeding Rs  5.00 per transaction + Service Tax

Above  Rs. 5 Lacs.

Not exceeding Rs25.00 per transaction + Service Tax

No charges for Inward RTGS/NEFT

Stop Payment Charges
All type of accounts

Rs 50.00 per instrument

Statement of Account
One Statement for the Current Month FREE

All type of accounts

Rs. 50.00 per Statement +
Rs. 1.00 per entry upto one year old entry
Rs. 10.00 per entry for entry of more than one ear old

Duplicate Pass Book
Rs. 75.00  + Rs.  1.00 per entry upto 6 Month  old entry