Deposit Interest Rates

Interest Rates on Term Deposits w.e.f.11.05.2017 
Maturity Period Rate of Interest (%per annum)
15 Days -30 Days 4.25
31Days-45 Days 4.25
46 Days -90 Days 5.75
91 Days – 179 Days 6.25
180 Days to less than 1 Yr. 6.25
1 Yr. to less than 2 Yr. 6.70
2 Yr. to less than 3 Yr. 6.50
3 Yr. to less than 5 Yr. 6.50
5 Yr. to  10 Yr. 6.50

Interest of 0.5% above these rates will be advisable to domestic deposit only to Sr.Citizens on a single Fixed deposit receipt of Rs.5000.00 and above for one year and above. Minimum amount should be Rs.100000.00 for single FDR For period of 15days to 45 Days.

Further retired staff members of our Bank fulfilling this criteria of Senior Citizen would also be eligible to get the benefit of 0.5% higher rates on interest on maturities in addition to existing benefit of 1.00% higher over and above the normal rates as per extant guidelines of Domestic Term Deposits.

Interest Rates on Saving Bank Deposits
Saving Deposit 4% per Annum