Co-operative Bank

The Cooperative Bank, Kapurthala

Liquidity Support Scheme (LSS) of MPCS/PACS

Liquidity support  scheme (LSS) of MPCS/PACS

Beneficiery For KCC holders
Purpose To meet out  his/her farming expenses, land development ,minor irrigation, purchase of farm equipment, mini dairy /backyard, poultry farm and allied agriculture activities.
Loan Limit Rs.10000/- per acre maximum lacs per borrower
Rate of interest 8.75% P.A. by PACS
Margin No margin required.
Repayment 12 months / 2 half yearly instalments in one year
As per PACS requirement
area of operation Loan shall be advanced in the area operation in the kapurthala district.

* For detail, please contact the Secretary of the Society.