Co-operative Bank

The Cooperative Bank, Kapurthala

Medium Term Loan to Farners (MTLF)

Medium Term Loan to Farmers (MTLF)


Only for existing regular RCC holders in last year Not defaulters of KCC last three crops.

Not default in any other loan by Bank or Society.
Purpose To meet out their farming expenses, land development, minor irrigation, purchase of farm equipment, mini dairy/backyard polutry farm and allied agriculture activities.
Loan Limit

Rs.20000/- per acre , Maximum Loan Rs.150000/- Per Borrower.

Rate of interest 7.75% p.a. 
Margin No margin required.
Repayment 24 months /  4 half yearly instalments in one year
  • Loan Application
  • DP note
  • loan agreement.
  • letter of Waiver
  • Guarantee deed, if applicable
  • undertaking regarding second charge of land already mortgaged in respect of RCCL.
  • Photograph, Aadhar Card and PAN Card, if available from the borrower/guarantor.
area of operation Loan shall be advanced in the area operation in the kapurthala district.