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The Cooperative Bank, Kapurthala




  1. Introduction


In the present scenario of competitive banking, excellence in customer service is the most important tool for sustained business growth.Customer complaints are part of the  business life of any corporate entity as every business has to deal with situations in which things go wrong from a customers point of view.This is more so for banks because banks are service organizations,importing good customer service and enhancing level of customer satisfaction should be the prime concern of any bank. Providing prompt and efficient service is essential not only to attract new customer, but also to retain existing ones. Customer dissatisfaction would spoil banks name and image.


This policy documents aims at minimizing instances of customers complaints and grievances through proper service delivery and review mechanism and to ensure prompt redressel of customer complaints and grievance. The review mechanism should help identifying shortcoming in product features and service delivery.


The banks policy on grievance redressal follows the under noted priniciples.


  • Customers be treated fairly at all times.
  • Complaints raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and on time.
  • Grievance of pensioners and senior citizens are dealt on priority.
  • Customers are fully informed of avenues to escalate their complaints/grievances within the onganization and their rights to alternative remedy if they are not fully satisfied with the response of the bank to there  complaints.
  • Bank will treat all complaints efficiency and fairly as they can damage the banks reputation and business if handled otherwise.
  • The bank employees would work in good faith and without prejudice to the interests of the customer. 


In order to make banks Grievance Redressal Mechanism more meaningful

 and effective, a structured system has been built up towards such an end. This system would ensure that the redressal sought is just and fair and is permissible within the given frame-work of rules and regulation. The Policy documents would be made available and at Banks website . The concerned employees would be made aware about the complaints handling process.


  1. A complaints is an expression of dissatisfaction made to an organization, related to its products or services, or the complaints handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.


The reason for customer complaints can be divided into 3 main categories:


  1. The attitudinal/behavioural aspects in dealing with customers.
  2. Inadequacy of the working/operations or gaps in standards of services expected and actual services rendered.
  3. Technology Related.


  1. The customers has the right to register his complaint  if he is not satisfied with the services provided by the bank. There are four main ways to complain-in person, by telephone, by mail/post or by e-mail/internet. Complaints received through all these channels must be handled efficiently and swiftly. If customer’s complaint is not resolved within the prescribed time frame or if he is not satisfied with the solution provided by the banks,he can approach Nodal Officers (Griavances) with his complaints or resort to other avenues available for grievance redressal.


  1. Internal machinery to handle Customer complaints/griavances


  1. Complaints Registration


A customer may lodge minor grievances through telephone and other complaint either in writing or through electronic means if he is not satisfied with the services provided by the bank. All complaints will be recorded by the bank in a register/database. The database, along with the acknowledgement letter and other correspondence will be preserved at  least for 3 years for future reference.  Arrangements for receiving complaints and suggestions are given hereunder.


  1. Complaints in person


Complaints forms are to be provided at all branches and also available at Banks website . in under section ‘grievances’. Customer can obtain the complaint form from the Branch Manager/Bank’s website,submit it to the Branch Manager and obtain acknowledgement.


Complaints may use complaints cum suggestions box kept at branch for any feedback/suggestions for improvement in our products and services.

  1. Complaints over Telephone


The minor complaint may be lodged over telephone with the Nodel officer at head Office or to the concerned Branch Manager. The name and telephone number of Nodel Officer and Branch Manager of the concerned Branch are to be displayed in the Branches.


  1. Complaint through mail/e-mail


Customer can also submit complaint by post or through e-mail. Complaints received by e-mail shall be acknowledged by e-mail to the extent possible. E-mail addresses of the Nodel Officer and concerned Branch manager are to be provided at the Branches.


  1. Resolution of Grievances


  1. Grievances related to attitudinal aspects


  • Such complaints be handled courteously, sympathecally and above all swiftly.
  • Misbehaviour/rude behavior with customers betreated at Zero tolerance level and immediate action is to be taken. Bank, under no circumstances, tolerate misbehavior of any degree by staff member.


  1. Primarily Branch is responsible for the resolution of complaints/grievances in this category. Branch would be responsible for ensuring rectification of entry/transaction or satisfaction of customers. It is the foremost duty of the branch to see that the complaints is resolved to the customers satisfaction and if he/she is not satisfied, the to provide him/her with alternate avenues to escalate the issue. In case, it is not getting resolved at branch level, they can refer the case to Nodel Officer, Head office for guidance/resolution.


  1. Grievances related to technology related transactions



Considering customers‘expectations and lack of familiarity with aiternate delivery channels(ATMs, Internet banking, IMPS and Mobile banking etc.)the Bank has considered exclusive mechanism for redressel of grievances arising from use of these channels. The contact details/e-mails address of the concerned Nodel Officer at Head office to be made available at branches as well as on the Bank’s website.



  1. The Kapurthala Central Cooperative Bank Ltd plans to work as a Composite Corporate Agent for life insurance/General Insurance Company for distribution of Life/General Insurance products. Accordingly, the grievance redressal channels of the Bank shall be available for resolving issues related to the insurance distribution undertaken by the bank as a licensed corporate agent in consonance with the grievance redressal policy of the concerned Insurance Company. Detail of the Grievance redressal mechanism, in line with the  IRDAI guidances in relation to banks insurance business as a composite corporate agent.


3.5  The Kapurthala Central Cooperative Bank Ltd. is an intermediary of NPS trust for Atal Pension Yojana. Accordingly, the grievance redressal channels of the Banks shall be available for resolving issues to Atal Pension Yojna. Details of the grievance redressal mechanism shall be in line with the PFRDA guidelines.


3.6 in case customer is unhappy with the service or redressal provided by the bank, he can also approach the Nodel Officer (Grievances) located in Head Office , Kapurthala for redressal. The contact details of  the Nodal Officer(Grievances) should be displayed at each branch.


  1. Time Frame 


Complaint’s  be seen in the right perspective because these  indirectly

reveal a weak spot in the working of the bank. Complaints received would be analyzed from all possible angels. Bank will endeavor  Ll endeavor to send an acknowledgement/response within Seventy- Two hours from time of receipt.




General complaints                                                              15 days

Complaints forwarded by RBI/MOF/MPs/VVIPs         15 days

Complaints from PM’s office                                             10  days

ATM complaints related to dispensation of cash         7 working days

Complaints related to point of sale transactions          45 days


Complaints requiring some time for examination of issues involed/detail investinggations/enquiries. Bank will send response or explain reasons for further time required within 30 days of receipt of complaint. However, the Complaints will be kept in loop regarding status of redressal of his/her complaints from time to time.


  1. Review Mechanism


5.1 Board of Directors/Administrator


Board of Directors chaired by the chairman and Managing Director shall periodically review major arears of customer grievances and  measures taken to improve customer service. Board of  Directors/Administrator would also examine all issues that have a bearing on the quality of customer service provided to individual depositors  and borrowers. Board of Directors/Administrator would also review the functioning of customer Grievance Cell.


5.2 Customer Grievance Cell


Customer Grievance Cell Consisting of Sr.Manager, Incharge Establishment cell, Incharge Inspection Cell , Incharge Misc. Cell would have the following functions:


  • Evaluate feed-back on quality of service received from various quarters. It  would also review comments/feed-back on customer service received from Banking Codes and standard Board of India(BCSBI).
  • It  would be responsible to ensure that all regulatory instructions regarding customer service are followed by the Bank.
  • Customer Grievance Cell would submit report on its performance to the District Manager and District Manager to Board at quarterly intervals.


Managing Director/District Manager


A number of grievance may be addressed by customer directly to the Managing Director & District Manger. Where the issues raised are considered serious, the Managing Director/District Manger shall call for a report on the causes that led to the grievance, action taken and final resolution given to the customer.


5.3               Nodel Officer and other designated officials to handle complaints    and grievances.


  • Nodel Officer: Bank would appoint a Nodel Officer in the rank of Senior Manager/Manager at Head Office who will head the customer Grievance Cell & will be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of grievances redressal for customers in the bank.          


  • Aggrieved customers can write directly to the Nodel Officer regarding their grievances at the following address:


Senior Manager      (Hall Incharge)

The Kapurthala Central Cooperative Bank Ltd.

Kanjali Road, Kapurthala 144601


Phone No     01822 505877

Fax No.          01822 226296



The name, address, e-mail and contact number of Nodal Officer will be made available at the branches and also available on the Bank’s website.


  1. Mandatory display requirements


 It is mandatory for the Bank to provide:


  • Appropriate arrangement for receiving complaints and suggestions.
  • The name, address and contact number of Nodal Officer.
  • Display of mandatory details on notice board in branches.


  1. Interaction with customers



The bank recognizes that customers expectation/requirement/grievances can be better appreciatd through personal interaction with costomer by banks  staff. Many of the complaints arise on account of lack of awareness among customers about bank services and such interactions will help the customers appreciate banking services better. In view of this, following arrangements have been made:


  1. Customer Meets


Customer Meets will be organized in all branches of the Bank once in a quarter to look in to the quality of customer service rendered and critically examine the feedback/suggestions for improvement in customer service. In this meet, staff and invited customers interact freely on service related issues and submit the feedback/suggestion to Nodal Officer at Head Office.



  1. Sensitizing operating staff for improvement in service and handling complaints.


  1. Complaints occur very often due to lack of knowledge and awareness of the Banks products and services. The Nodal Officer is required to give feedback on training needs of staff at various levels to ACSTI, Jalandher from time to time.


  1. Banks deal with customers from, different segments, which may give rise to differences of opinion and areas of friction. To deal with customer with a positive attitude and a customer friendly behavior , the selection of front line staff should be carefully done. With an open mind and  a smile on the face, staff should be able to win the customers confidence. Imparting soft skilss required for handling irate customer, should be an integral part of the training programmes. It would be the responsibility of the Nodel Officer to ensure that the internal machinery for handling complaints/grievances operates smoothly and efficiently at all levels. 


  1. To keep the complaints related to misbehavior/rude behavior at a zero tolerance level, stern action/disciplinary action against the erring officials would be initiated by the respective Disciplinary Authority.